Sophia is a Korean immigrant living in Canada who reconnected to her cultural roots via K-Pop. Her love of groups like 2PM and BIGBANG (among many others) kickstarted a nearly 15-year love affair with the genre and an appreciation for K-R&B artists like Crush, Zion T., Dean, and more. Now, Sophia writes news and entertainment pieces about Korean culture, helping to pass on her love and knowledge of the growing phenomenon. Through her work, she also hopes to facilitate K-Pop’s tendency to bring diverse fans together as it did for her.
Son Ye Jin Confessed Why She Didn’t Publicly Date Anyone For Over 20 Years

Hyun Bin is her very first public relationship.

Lee Sun Bin Publicly Reveals New Couple Bracelet Shared With Lee Kwang Soo

They’re so pretty!

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IU And Celebrity Bestie Yoo In Na Spotted At IU’s Manager’s Wedding As The Ultimate Duo

Nothing can get in the way of their loyalty.

Here’s How G-Dragon Ended Up Tattooing His Manager’s Bare Body On The Back Of His Neck

His manager (Soonho) is now permanently tattooed on G-Dragon’s neck.

DSP Media Denies APRIL Lee Naeun’s “Go Young Wook” Controversy

The chat log quickly spread online in light of Lee Hyunjoo’s controversy.

Comedienne Kim Ji Min Recalls Working Through A Burst Appendix Back In Her Nameless Days

She was afraid.

A Touching “Carp Bread” Story About Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is A Testament To Her True Character

The incident took place when Seulgi was in middle school.

Goo Hye Sun Admits She’s An Outsider Without A Single Celebrity Friend

She’s been in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years.

Sandara Park Personally Addresses Her Health Condition In Response To Fans’ Worry

Fans were worried about her thyroid gland after a recent TV appearance.