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Aespa’s Karina Has Set A New Visual Standard For SM Entertainment Female Idols — According To K-Netizens

They believe her level of visuals are hard to come by.

Fans Pour Out Their Support For Kim Kookheon As He Auditions Once More Following His Wrongful “Produce 101” Elimination

He was a victim of the voter manipulation.

Korean Media Predicts That Lovelyz May Be Heading For Disbandment Due To Failed Contract Negotiations 

Will the girl group fall to the 7-year curse?

Plastic Surgeon Goes Viral For His Eerie Resemblance To “Squid Game”‘s Lee Jung Jae

Do you guys see it?!

Song Kang Asks Han So Hee If He Should Kiss Her “On The Lips” Despite The Director’s Orders For A Cheek Kiss

He said what now?!

B1A4’s Jinyoung Expresses His Desires To Be In “Squid Game” — Even As A Literal Squid

Let’s be real, he would make one stinking cute squid.

Here Are The Top 6 Songs By Female Idols That K-Netizens Believe Dominated 2021

The #1 and #2 girl groups have yet to reach their first anniversary!

“Squid Game” Overthrows “Bridgerton” To Become Netflix’s Biggest Show Ever

They beat “Bridgerton” by how much?!

Jay Park And Jo Kwon’s “Street Woman Fighter” Reunion Ignites A Heartwarming Response

Our hearts cannot handle this.

Actress Kim Sae Ron’s Stunning Mother Makes Headlines For Her Youthful Visuals

Holy crap, they look like they could be sisters!