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6 Touching Moments That Show SHINee Will Always Be Five


Jay Park Wins ‘Artist Of The Year’ At The Korean Hip Hop Awards 2021

Congrats to Jay!

C9 Entertainment Reveals Keum Dong Hyun As The First Member For Upcoming Boy Group C9ROOKIES

They revealed the first member.

BTS Suga’s Hands Are So Pretty Fans Held An Online Competition To Rank Them

Which one is your favorite?

HyunA And Dawn Met A Fortune Teller Who Revealed They Were Destined To Be Together

They are perfect for each other.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin To Be Absent On MBC’s ‘Music Core’ After Bullying Accusations

He will not be hosting the show.

EXID’s Hani Hints At Her Love Life And Reveals There Is Someone She Loves Currently

She seemed to be hinting a bit about her love life!

SHINee Has Created Their Own Style And Color Of Music That Is Unique To Them

Their legacy continues!

Fans Are Shocked At SHINee Key’s Visuals As He Seems To Be Going Backwards In Time

He hasn’t aged a day!

Singer IU Praises Idol Group ONF For Their Cover of “Eight”

They did a great job!