Since British writer Alicia fell in love with Girls’ Generation in 2010, she’s excitedly watched K-Pop bloom into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Over that decade, her love for Korean entertainment has only grown stronger. She even lived in Korea for several months to see her favorite groups, which include Red Velvet, ITZY, and BTS. No matter how many times she thinks her heart is too full to fangirl over anymore groups, another one manages to capture her love.
Red Velvet Is Taking Over Luxury Italian Fashion Industry — 5 Brands They’ve Worked With

Look out, Italy! 🇮🇹

K-Pop Hanbok Designer Reveals Why He Creates Outfits For Idols Like BTS & MONSTA X

Rieul has provided creative and beautiful hanbok suits to BTS, MONSTA X, CLC, Zico, and many more.

BTS Joins The Lineup Of Upcoming GRAMMYs Charity Concert

The concert is part of GRAMMY Week, a series of events in the lead-up to the 2021 GRAMMY Awards.

P NATION Re-Uploads Its Artists Songs To Spotify—But All Their Streams Are Gone

All songs distributed via Kakao M since 2019 were removed from Spotify worldwide on March 1.

K-Pop Songs Distributed By Kakao M Have Been Removed From Spotify Worldwide

The list of affected acts includes MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN, LOONA, MONSTA X, and many more.

Suzy Reportedly In Talks To Play Lead Role In An Indian Movie Directed By Shankar

Could Suzy be going international?

10-Year-Old Girl Group Brave Girls Achieve Their First #1 Ever With A 4-Year-Old Song

This is incredible 🤩

K-Pop Hanbok Designers Explain How Fans Can Help Idols Get Chosen For Brand Endorsement Deals

Fans really can help their idols book more jobs.

BTS’s “Dynamite” Is Now Tied For The Most Music Show Wins In Korean History


7 Times TWICE’s Chaeyoung Wore Unusual Fashion Better Than The Models Could

If Chaeyoung ever wants a career change, she’d make the perfect model.