Hanhae is the “Man of the Year” on 1theK’s “#hashtag”

On January 29th, PHANTOM’s Hanhae has joined 1theK’s #hashtag interview segment to share stories about himself and talk about his solo debut.

The artist starts off the video sharing the history behind his and his sister’s names. Next, he tells an unlikely backstory of his days as an idol trainee with Zico, sharing how he trained as the vocalist when with Block B. After revealing his friendship with comedian Kim Giri, their physical similarity came to light and it seems like neither party appreciated the likeness.

Then, Hanhae talks about his track “Man of the Year,” describing its message as a song about bad love. He performs a short section of the song before giving an adorable and awkward expression. Crowning himself as “Man of the Year,” in a sweet motion, he gives the award of “Woman of the Year” to his mother.

A number of other activities such as fan requests and a rock paper scissors tournament fill the room before the talented star goes back to answering questions.

Check out his video below: