TWICE’s Chaeyoung Exposes The Funniest Part About Seeing Their Faces On Products

Mina and Nayeon agreed it could be awkward as well.

As one of the most well-known girl groups, TWICE isn’t strangers to becoming brand ambassadors for luxury brands or popular beverages. Although they’re used to seeing their faces plastered on ads and products, Chaeyoung shared the humorously awkward moment they can’t avoid.

Chaeyoung | Qoo

During the group’s Cosmopolitan interview, Chaeyoung voiced how surreal it felt to see their faces on products. She said, “I think it’s fascinating when we shoot an ad for a drink or something, and then we see our faces on the bottles.

Mina and Nayeon both laughed in agreement as Chaeyoung pointed out the funny situation of throwing away a picture of themselves.

It’s weird when you have to throw the bottle away after you finish drinking. My face is on the bottle, but I’m throwing it in the trash.

— Chaeyoung

Sporting a bright smile, Nayeon related to “[feeling] weird when you’re throwing the bottle away.

TWICE aren’t alone in that feeling. Anyone would be a bit conflicted about throwing a picture of themselves away.

Nayeon | Qoo

See the girls have a laugh about the funny situation only an idol would encounter.