Netizens Criticize Taeyong Fans Who Are Trying To “Clean” Twitter’s Search Bar

Fans are spamming Twitter with random words to hide his controversy.

After news broke out that NCT‘s Taeyong admitted to the bullying accusations against him and apologized to his victim, some fans of his have attempted to hide any tweet regarding the news by spamming Twitter with unrelated words.

The tweets they are spamming include the words “Taeyong beautiful,” “Taeyong bubu,” “Taeyong grape,” “Taeyong ruby,” “Taeyong english,” “Taeyong beauty,” “Taeyong cute,” and finally, “Taeyong composer.”

Netizens expressed their disapproval over the fans’ actions.

Taeyong went with reporters to apologize to the victim, but fans are trying to bury his scandal.

This is ridiculous.

Any fandom does that but it’s funnyㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizens


Source: theqoo