Nayeon Just Discovered Momo’s Weakness…And Won’t Stop Abusing It

TWICE’s Nayeon just attacked Momo with the greatest weapon of all…

One fine afternoon, Momo was enjoying her time at a fan signing…

… but the mischievous Nayeon started tickling her out of nowhere!

Ticklish Momo freaked out, and Nayeon discovered Momo’s greatest weakness.

All throughout their “SIGNAL” performance, Nayeon looked for perfect openings to attack!

Momo remained on high alert whenever Nayeon got near.

And just as Momo expected, Nayeon never missed with her tickle strikes.

By the end of the song, Nayeon had Momo collapsed on the floor from the tickle overload!

Check out Nayeon’s adorable tickle attacks below!