IU Wanted To Create Beautiful Photocards For Fans But She Had To Master Photoshop First

The struggle was definitely real:

As the sweet and amazing person she is, IU decided to make some special photocards for Uaena. But there was one thing she had to tackle first…Photoshop!


IU just shared a video with fans on her YouTube channel showing the exact moment she tried her hand at creating an epic photocard design for fans.

My plan for today is…umm… I’d like to try to design a photocard. I heard that the recent trend is to share photocards with others. There aren’t many who on the design, right?

— IU


Although Photoshop is a great program for creating original designs unless you work with it often, remembering what all the tools do and how they work can be frustration central. While things seemed to start smoothly as IU recalled what each of the tools was used for and identified which ones she would use while working on her project…

In my childhood, I learned Photoshop a bit. As you can see here, there’s something popping up. Automatic selection tool, cutting tool, eyedropper tool…

— IU


Things quickly went askew as IU’s first attempt at using one tool didn’t go quite as planned!

Pressing the eyedropper tool like this and you absorb colors. And then if you draw like this. Huh? It’s not the color I want though?

— IU


Even though she had a bit of a rough start, there was no stopping her in her quest to make something special for Uaena…even if she was well and truly entering frustration central!

I also want to work on coloring. Where is the ‘paint bucket?’ It’s just like the Paint program I used when I was younger. Where did the paint bucket go? Is this the one? Ah! So irritating!

— IU


As IU continued working hard on her project, she encountered more and more obstacles!

I would change it to a lighter blue. How do I change it though? How do I change the color?

— IU


But luckily, she had a little help to get her through some of those particularly tough spots!


And although the work was tough,  all of IU’s hard work and determination to create something beautiful paid off and she was able to declare the project complete! Watch all of IU’s Photoshop frustration and fun below: