GFRIEND Created Their Own Ridiculous Choreography To Songs By Other Idols

GFRIEND put a twist on several iconic K-Pop choreographies during an episode of Weekly Idol and the results were epic.

GFRIEND made an appearance on the variety talk show Weekly Idol where they, among other things, were asked to create their own choreography to other groups’ songs. The catch? The dance moves were not to be cute, sexy, or to the beat of the music.

The popular idol group took on the challenge and completely nailed. With hilarious results, of course.

BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang”

First up, was SinB who invented her own absolutely ridiculous choreography for BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang”.

Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

Next up was Yerin, and she made everyone laugh with her rendition of Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”.

Zion T – Yanghwa Bridge

Eunha danced to “Yanghwa Bridge” and she took a different approach to the assignment. Rather than making her dance moves totally ridiculous, she matched her choreography to the song lyrics.

Produce 101 – Pick Me

Last up was Yuju, and she made everyone laugh as she danced to “Pick Me”.

Check out the video of their hilarious choreography below: