EXO-CBX Made Everyone Feel Emotional AF With Their Goodbyes At The Last “Magic Circus” Concert

Their words may just bring tears to your eyes.

While there have been many sweet, amazing, and downright magical moments during EXO-CBX‘s EXO-CBX “Magical Circus 2019 — Special Edition tour, the whole tour has also been an extremely bittersweet moment for EXO-Ls. And no moment was more bittersweet than their goodbyes at their Kobe concert.


EXO-Ls have known that the “Magical Circus” tour is one of the last events that Xiumin will have before his military enlistment on May 7. While the knowledge of this is already hard enough, as the EXO subunit performed at their last stop on the tour things were hit home even harder.


Especially when the three of them said their goodbyes to fans on stage. It started with Baekhyun who made fans teary-eyed when he reminded everyone that it was CBX’s last official schedule…

So this is the end of ‘Magical Circus.’ Actually, I’d like to continue. There are a lot of new faces waiting for us but I guess that’s the end of the ‘Magical Circus’ concert. In fact, it’s the last official schedule for CBX.

— Baekhyun


Before reminding everyone that is wasn’t CBX’s last performance ever and giving a bit of cheer to the bittersweet moment.

It’s kind of funny to say it’s the last one. We’re taking a break! Yes, that’s right. Everyone, I know you will keep thinking it’s the last time and that’s really sad. Why do you think it’s the last time? CBX will continue! We are only taking a break! Also, there are many things to look forward to this year so don’t be sad. I love you all!

— Baekhyun


But Baekhyun’s words weren’t the only ones that had everyone feeling incredibly emotional. When it was Xiumin’s turn, he hit everyone right in the heart.

Please don’t let your eyes wander or I’ll get really upset. Just try going to other guys and when I come back, you’re dead! To be honest, I’m actually having a hard time trying to hold back my tears right now.

— Xiumin


While their send-off is certainly hitting everyone right in the feels, Xiumin is set to have his first ever solo fanmeeting on May 4 before he enlists.

EXO’s Xiumin Will Hold Fan Meet Prior To Military Enlistment