Business Insider believes South Koreans could be extinct by 2750

According to Business Insider, South Koreans could be extinct in the next 735 years and though this is merely a projection, the South Korean birthrate has seen significant decrease while Koasians (Korean-Asian mixed race) have almost doubled.

Birth rates have been on the decline for the last 50 years and decreased to 8.6 newborns for every 1,000 South Koreans in 2013 the lowest it has ever been and a 9.9% decrease from the previous year.

Korean Birthrate
cr. Business Insider

Brookings Institute stated, “A 2014 study commissioned by the national legislature concluded that South Koreans could ‘face natural extinction by 2750 if the birthrate were maintained at 1.19 children per woman — assuming no reunification with North Korea or significant inflow of migrants,” based on data from the South Korean Assembly.

During 2005 to 2010, 80% of South Koreans indicated that they valued “Korean bloodline,” wanting only to marry within their culture and ethnicity, however, it fell to 65.8% in 2013. According to the report, “The number of school-age children from “mixed ethnic families” went up seven times from 2014 to 2006, and the number of adolescents from ‘mixed ethnic families’ increased by 21% from 2013 to 2014.

It seems this rise in mixed ethnicities has not bypassed the Korean entertainment industry. JTBC‘s Abnormal Summit features a panel of non-Korean men who discuss “Korea through a foreigner’s perspective,” half of whom are married to Korean women. In addition, soloist Shannon is Welsh and Korean while rookie power group SEVENTEEN‘s charismatic rapper Vernon is half American and half Korean.

Shannon "A Teen"


Source: Business Insider