7 Iconic Idol K-Drama Cameos That Took Fans By Surprise

These cameo’s by idols left fans surprised and delighted during some amazing K-Drama’s!

K-Pop idols appearing on K-Dramas is always a very special treat for those that are fans of both.

Fortunately for those fans, it’s happened several times and totally blew everyone’s mind as both the K-Drama and K-Pop world collided.

Check out seven times that K-Pop idols had a very special cameo in a drama below: 

1. GOT7’s BamBam

GOT7’s BamBam made a surprise appearance on the first episode of the 2016 K-Drama Jealousy Incarnate, in which he played the role of a stranger in a club. BamBam showcased his tough side as he defended himself during a fight in his scene!

2. SHINee’s Minho

SHINee’s Minho made a hilarious cameo during the 2016 K-Drama titled Drinking Solo. In the drama, Minho played a bully that targeted his fellow SHINee member Key.

3. f(X)’s Krystal

This female idol made a special appearance on the K-Drama The Legend of The Blue Sea in 2016. In the cameo after a long absence from the acting industry, she played the brief role of a stewardess. Her cameo became quite popular.

4. miss A’s Suzy

Suzy’s cameo in the K-Drama My Love from Another Star may have been short, but it was totally awesome. In the cameo, she played the role of a student much like in other dramas! Now she’s an incredible actress!

5. JYP Entertainment Artists

During the K-Drama Producers, the JYP Entertainment artists Jackson, Sunmi, Jokwon, and Nichkun, made a special cameo. Despite their cameo being short, it was still awesome!

6. EXO

EXO surprised fans when they appeared on the 2012 K-Drama To The Beautiful You. In the cameo, they gave a very awesome performance of their song “Mama” at a pool party. However that wasn’t the end of their acting career as the members have gone on to act several more bigger roles.

7. Somi

Before making her official debut, Somi appeared in the film Ode to my Father in 2014.  In the cameo, Somi plays a very simple role however it’s exciting to see her appearance none the less.