ITZY's Debut

ITZY Opens Up Their Official Instagram In Celebration Of Their New Record Achievement

New way to interact with ITZY? Yes, please!

ITZY Fan Explains In Detail What Each Members Are Like In Real Life

The fan gave specific details about each members’ personality.

Watch ITZY’s First Music Show Debut Performance With ‘DALLA DALLA’

It’s all fans have been waiting for!

TWICE, Suzy, GOT7 And More JYP Artists Send Video Messages To ITZY

They had much to say to ITZY.

ITZY Share How They Initially Reacted To Their Team Name

ITZY thought ITZY was…

ITZY Breaks Another Record For Debut K-Pop MV With Most Views In 24 Hours

ITZY is already reigning as Queens within hours into their debut!

ITZY Drops “DALLA DALLA” MV Teaser With A Sneak Peek To The Song


ITZY Speaks Up For Their Meaningful Debut Message In New Teaser

They’ll be advocating this message in their debut album, “IT’Z DIFFERENT”.

ITZY Unveils Members’ Contrasting Photos To Tease Their Upcoming Debut

Only one week away til ITZY!

ITZY Unveils Official Debut Date In New MV Teaser For “DALLA DALLA”

ITZY’s coming soon!