Psychiatrist Claims iKON’s B.I Showed Signs Of Drug Addiction

“I sensed that B.I had already tried it before and became addicted.”

Entertainment Weekly hosted a psychiatrist to analyze iKON B.I‘s behavior during his chat with Han Seo Hee from back in 2016.


Psychiatrist, Dr. Yang, claimed that B.I’s wording and attitude in the chatlog showed signs of him already being addicted to drugs.

It’s a given that he used drugs, but you can even say he was showing signs of addiction.

Drug addicts can’t stand it when their supply runs low so they try to buy a large amount in advance. I sensed that B.I had already tried it before and became addicted.

The seller was even worried about him. You can’t sense any type of nervousness or contemplation in his words. When he said, ‘I want to use drugs forever.’ I got the sense that he’s already become addicted.

— Dr. Yang


He believes that B.I felt no remorse or inner battle in doing drugs since many of his peers had also taken illegal drugs before.

He’s seen his seniors and producers from YG get caught but face no repercussions. I believe he thought he wouldn’t face any consequences even if he used.

— Dr. Yang


The Seoul District Prosecution Office is set to investigate the drug accusations regarding B.I. The Gyeonggi Nambu Local Police Office revealed that they are also investigating his case.

B.I was accused of using marijuana and LSD, but he personally stated that he had purchased them didn’t use the drugs.

Source: isplus and Donga

B.I Drug Scandal