It’s Official: BTS’s Jungkook Just Confirmed He’s A Handsome Cutie

He’s a handsome cutie indeed!

Did BTS‘s Jungkook officially confirm he’s a handsome cutie?

Why yes, yes he did!

| jung-koook/Tumblr

ARMY has always known Jungkook serves handsomeness and cuteness at the same time, but now he’s finally confirmed it himself!

BTS uploaded a new video to their channel in which they played a balance game as the instrumental for “Permission to Dance” played in the background.


The video shows BTS answering “would you rather?” questions by dancing to either the left or the right.


They danced their way through questions like “Would you rather go to a buffet or amusement park alone?” and “Would you rather eat breakfast or sleep in?”


One of the questions asked the members to choose between “I’m cute and sexy” on the left and “I’m handsome and cute” on the right.

Jungkook chose “I’m handsome and cute” and danced over to the right.

While we definitely agree with Jungkook that he’s handsome and cute, ARMY knows that he could’ve gone to the cute and sexy side, too!

Check out the full “Permission to Dance” balance game below!





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