Here’s The Funny Thing TWICE’s Nayeon Typed During Her Solo Scene In The “Alcohol-Free” MV

She couldn’t get it out of her head 😂

TWICE finally released Episode 3 of the filming of the “Alcohol-Free” music video. This time around, the girls took ONCEs with them to the beautiful Jeju Island.

For her individual scene, Nayeon was asked to pretend to write a cocktail recipe.

The concept is me writing a cocktail recipe at home. It was newly added. It matched the mood today, so I’m happy.

— Nayeon

Wearing a white top and khaki pants, she looked too pretty for words as she lay on the floor…

…and typed on a laptop.

During the break, she showed fans what she was actually typing, and nope—it wasn’t a recipe! The large words on the screen read, “Hungry!!!

Nayeon then explained what she was craving for and vowed to eat it later in the day if her members agreed.

I want pork noodles. I want it so bad. If the other girls agree, we’ll go eat that.

— Nayeon

Hopefully, Nayeon was able to eat lots of yummy noodles after filming!

See more of TWICE in the full video below.

Source: TWICE