BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Red Velvet’s Joy Matched Outfits Three Times—Who Wore Them Better?

They have similar styles.

Red Velvet‘s Joy and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie are both visuals in their own right!

Comparing their styles is unavoidable when they wear the same clothes, such as this gorgeous tweed outfit from Alessandra Rich.

This is not the first time Joy and Jennie wore the same piece, however, as they’ve donned clothes from the same collection before.

A fresh summer top with flowers is one of them.

Jennie was cool and confident in the outfit…

…while Joy was all smiles. Her yellow background contrasted with Jennie’s black one, showing how the word “fresh” can be made unique depending on the wearer.

Jennie originally posted the photo on Instagram on July 2019, commenting, “Day 2. Bangkok”.

Meanwhile, Joy wore the summer top for the magazine Espoir.

They’re both gorgeous, but who wore it better for you?

Another time Joy and Jennie wore the same clothes was for a black and white outfit.

Jennie posted the photo as an Instagram update on September 20, 2019. With her messy hair and dark eyeliner, she was certifiably creepy and pretty at the same time.

Joy’s photo for “Psycho” was also true to its name with her looking like a ghost—albeit a gorgeous one.

While it was Jennie who popularized the “high teen” fashion, Joy is also frequently seen wearing similar clothes.

They really do have the same style!

Source: theqoo

Same Fit, Different Vibes