9 Actors Who Love Their Fans So Much, They Released Albums Just For Them

What better way to confess love than to sing it?

1. Cho Hyun Jae

Prior to leaving for his military duty for two years, actor Cho Hyun Jae released an album called “Different Space, Same Memory” as a gift for his fans to remember him by while he is away.


2. Park Shin Hye

Actress Park Shin Hye has never been shy to share her vocal skills in multiple movie and drama soundtracks. For “My Dear”, Park Shin Hye got especially involved in the album’s production and wrote the words to a melody composed by her older brother!


3. So Ji Sub

Actor So Ji Sub has actually made not one, not two, but seven albums! Since 2008, So Ji Sub has been an active hip-hop artist. While his fans aren’t so sure about So Ji Sub’s rapping, they support his alter ego.


4. Ha Ji Won

When actress Ha Ji Won appeared on the program Go Go with Sister, she decided to present her viewers and fans with a surprise song at the end of the program. She wrote the lyrics to the track “You are Zoe”, about the donkey that appeared on the show with her!


5. Lee Min Ho

Actor Lee Min Ho also has several albums. In an interview, he has stated, “Releasing albums is my way of communicating with my fans.” For his 10th debut anniversary, Lee Min Ho released “Always” which is a track he made for his ever-loving fans.


6. Yu Jun Sang

Actor Yu Jun Sang is actually a singer-songwriter who released his first album in 2013. He composes and writes the lyrics for his own songs! His second album, “The Face”, came out in 2016. Yu Jun Sang stated in an interview, “Though I have no intention to become a singer, I want to express my thoughts and emotions through music.” 


7. Choi Kang Hee

Actress Choi Kang Hee wrote the words to the song “In A Teacup”, included in the album titled “Gift Album”. Fans immediately fell in love with the actress’s unique voice singing along to the guitar accompaniment by the popular guitarist Jo Jung Chi.


8. Yoon Shi Yoon

Just last week, actor Yoon Shi Yoon released an album for his fans. The actor has always wanted to give back to his loving fans with a song dedicated to them. He was able to make this dream come true with the special track, “You’re Like Spring”, to which he wrote the lyrics.


9. Lee Joon Gi

Actor Lee Joon Gi has also been steadily releasing albums that serve as his way of appreciating his fans. “Thank You” is, as the title suggests, a track dedicated to his fans for their continued love and support.


Source: 1BOON