Idol Struggles & Victories

Idol Struggles & Victories

GOT7’s Jay B Spills On What It’s Really Like Being The Group’s Leader

He didn’t want to be the group’s leader, but he was exactly what they needed.

GOT7 Announce 2022 FANCON “HOMECOMING with I GOT 7”

The event will be offline and online!

GOT7 Officially Announce New Self-Titled EP And Release Date

Get ready, Ahgases!

Netizens Call Out Homophobia And Queerbaiting In The K-Pop Industry After HOLLAND Suffers Bigoted Attack

Some fans feel like the K-Pop industry profits off queerbaiting while still discriminating.

GOT7 Drop First Teaser And Totally Rebrand Ahead Of Group Comeback

The GOT7 comeback is officially happening!

Veteran Idol Confesses He Was In Debt For Over 2 Years After Debuting

They thought he was a rich idol, but there was more to the story.

TWICE Has To Use A Completely Different Set During Their Atlanta Concert—Here’s Why

The members adapted so quickly!

Former K-Pop Idol Dayul Exposes The Pressure And Extreme Methods Of Losing Weight To Maintain A “Perfect Figure”

It was often followed by harsh comments from their CEO.

BTS’s RM Remembers Visiting Las Vegas Over A Decade Before Returning For “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” Reflecting On His Growth

He had always hoped to return one day, and now he has.

Here Are The Greatest Challenges For VERIVERY, According To The Members

There is no challenge too big for VERIVERY!