Sunmi Wrote A Song For TWICE, But Here’s Why You’ll Never Hear It

She had all the parts picked out for each member.

Sunmi Worries Producers By Refusing To Stop Running Despite Her Dislocated Knee

She was in obvious pain.

Park Jin Young Proves He’s A Gentleman With His Manner Hands For Sunmi

No wonder JYP artists are always praised for their manners.

Sunmi Draws Attention With An Ambiguous Warning On Her Instagram Account

Sunmi’s not holding back.

Sunmi Tearfully Opens Up About The Step-Father She Never Talks About On TV

Sunmi has often talked about her late biological father, but not her step-father.

Stray Kids Reaction To Park Jin Young And Sunmi’s Stage Is The Best Kind Of Chaos

Even Hyunjin couldn’t handle their energy 😂

Sunmi Sent A Message To Her Fans After She Revealed Her Borderline Personality Disorder On “Running Girls”

She didn’t want her fans to worry.

Sunmi Revealed The Details Of Her Sweet First Interaction With EXID’s Hani

“Hani is such a warm person.”

Sunmi Confesses That She Was Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder

“…Those times ate me away.”

Sunmi Reveals She Was Initially Approached To Write The Lyrics For TWICE’s “Cry For Me”

She reveals why she ended up rejecting the song.