Just as the members conquered the survival program No.Mercy to make their debut together in 2015, MONSTA X has seized the attention of the whole world.

Having released music in several languages including Korean, Japanese, and English as well as showcased a musical style and aesthetic that ranges from darker, edgier concepts to lighter, bubblier ones, they consistently attract attention with their unique and diverse style.

MONSTA X’s Shownu And Minhyuk Reveal What Kind Of Acting Roles They’d Like

We’d love to see them as actors!

ASTRO’s Rocky Leaves A Message For MONSTA X’s Minhyuk— And It’s So Cute

His message was so sweet!

ASTRO’s JinJin And PENTAGON’s Kino Want MONSTA X’s I.M To Guest On Their DIVE Studios Podcast

It appears that I.M visited the show’s set too!

Wonho Finally Revealed Who Takes His “Candid” Instagram Pictures

The secret is out!

MONSTA X Recall Their Hilarious Reactions To First Hearing Their Group Name

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Wonho’s Response To “Where Do You See Yourself And WENEE In Ten Years?” Was Both Shocking And Hilarious

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MONSTA X’s I.M Reveals How His Upbringing Influenced The Person He Is Today

They were vital experiences!

MONSTA X Announces Second Postponement Of North American Tour Due To COVID-19

They hope to meet fans when things are safer.

MONSTA X’s I.M Shares His Playlist With Fans In A Boyfriend-Esque Video

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