Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel

Capturing the world’s attention on the second season of Produce 101, Kang Daniel would make his debut with the project group Wanna One. Later, after the group’s disbandment, he established his career as a soloist and started his own agency in 2019.

Firmly standing out as a solo artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Kang Daniel has never been shy about sharing his bold and unique color, music style, and more with the world.

Kang Daniel Shares What Has Changed When He Meets His Friends After Debuting As A Successful Idol

He also shared what they think of his success as a musician!

Kang Daniel Reveals Why He Named His Latest Album “Yellow”

“…Because of the topics we discussed, I felt like it fit really well.”

Kang Daniel Congratulates I.O.I On Their Upcoming Reunion And Gives His Thoughts On A Potential Wanna One Reunion

Here’s his thoughts!

Kang Daniel To Receive His Own DALCOMSOFT “SuperStar” Rhythm Game

He is the first solo artist to get a SuperStar game!

Kang Daniel Is Such A Homebody That He Once Didn’t Leave His House For A Month

Any homebodies in the house?

Kang Daniel Reveals How His Fans Helped Him Tell His “True Story” Through “PARANOIA”

He opened up about his latest track, “Paranoia”!

Kang Daniel Shows His Vulnerable Side In Mesmerizing New Solo “Paranoia”

Another certified bop.

Kang Daniel Dishes On His Potential Acting Debut

“This opportunity came to me when I had an open mind…”

Kang Daniel Trends After TV Show “The Manager” Shows How He Treats His Agency Employees

He treats his employees like family.

Kang Daniel Reveals Why He Enjoys Being Givenchy Beauty’s Brand Model

Who better than Kang Daniel as their model.