Since making her debut at the age of 15, IU has not only gone on to earn the title of “Nation’s Little Sister” but she’s also become a household name around the world.

Well known for her versatility, stability, and unique vocal color as well as for writing and composing her own songs, she has achieved great success in reaching all ages and demographics.

IU’s Father Forgets His One And Only Daughter’s Birthday

He was off by years, not just days or months.

IU Reveals That She Wrote “Celebrity” Based On A Close Friend Who Was Scrutinized For Being Different From Everyone Else

It’s a gift for everyone!

Hit K-Drama “Hotel del Luna” To Get A Musical Theater Adaptation

It’s not over yet!

Singer IU Revealed To Have Been The Target Of A Hate Website Recently – Company Addresses The Issue

This has been going on for awhile.

IU’s Child Counterpart In “Hotel Del Luna” Is Growing Up To Look Just Like Her

She played IU’s child counterpart two times!

Meet The Chinese Girl Who’s Gaining Internet Fame For Looking Just Like IU

Disclaimer: They’re not the same person.

A Past Interview From 10 Years Ago Reveals IU Has Reached All Her Goals

A true artist.

IU Released One Teaser Photo And Fans Are Going Crazy With The Incredible Edits

She’s a literal Disney princess!

IU Reveals The New Allergies She Developed Due To Her Weakening Immune System

It causes inconvenience to her hairstylists.

IU Announces A New Full-Length Album Is In the Works And Drops The Date For A Pre-Release Song

We can’t wait!