Coming together through the survival program I-LAND, the septet was formed with the goal of creating a next-generation leading K-Pop artist.

With their burning passion and drive, even before debut, they had already succeeded in achieving that goal. Further setting them apart as leading artists, these 7 guys continue to captivate with their wide range of skills and intriguing concepts as well as through their strong connection with fans.

10 Extremely Relatable Reaction To ENHYPEN’s Stunning Comeback Looks

#7 is a mood.

ENHYPEN’s First Studio Album “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” Surpasses 600K Copies In Pre-Orders

They are setting a new record.

All ENHYPEN Members Recover From COVID-19 And Will Prepare For October Comeback

They are back together!

TXT’s Yeonjun, ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki & TREASURE’s Yoshi Wore The Same Jeans But Served Different Vibes

With looks this good, how can we even decide who wore them best? 😍

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Has Recovered From COVID-19

Jungwon is the second member to confirm his recovery after almost all of ENHYPEN tested positive.

ENHYPEN’s Jake Has Recovered From COVID-19, Shares Update On Fellow Members

Good news for ENHYPEN and ENGENEs!

Here’s Why ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Is Thankful To TXT’s Soobin

“We’re very thankful to Soobin…”

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Did Not Plan On Debuting As A K-Pop Idol When He Was A Trainee—Here’s Why He Changed His Mind

He was a trainee and figure skater at the same time.

K-Pop Fans Come Together For ENGENE, Following ENHYPEN’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

We’re stronger together.


They apologized to fans.