Taking the spotlight in 2011 when they made their debut, these ladies have continued to thrive with their unique style.

While exceptional in many ways, they are perhaps best known for their powerful vocals and stability, distinct musical style, and extensive discography as well as for the strong bond they share between each other and their fans.

Friend Of Apink’s Chorong Claims Accusations Made By Alleged Victim Are False

They hope to clear up any misunderstandings.

Apink Chorong’s Agency Releases Official Statement And States They Will Release Audio Recording If Needed

They will disclose the transcripts too if need be.

Apink Chorong’s Alleged School Violence Victim Reveals First Phone Call Transcript As Evidence

They have submitted more evidence.

Apink’s Chorong Personally Denies Bullying Allegations And Admits To Underage Drinking

She wishes to emphasize she did not bully anyone.

Apink’s Chorong Swept Up In Underage Drinking Allegations Following School Violence Accusations

These photos were provided by an acquaintance of Chorong.

Apink Chorong’s Alleged School Violence Victim Reveals More, Including Past Pictures

They provided more information and photos.

Apink Chorong’s Agency Releases Official Statement Regarding School Violence Accusations

They will take strict legal responsibility for this matter.

Apink’s Chorong Accused Of School Violence, Agency Is Looking Into Accusations

The netizen plans to take strong legal action.

Apink’s Hayoung Guesses Songs From Just Hearing The Intro

Her editing gave her a perfect score.

8 Moments Of Apink Naeun’s Incredibly Graceful Dance Lines

Naeun is such a wonderful performer!