V.O.S releases MV for “Someday” ft. ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik

Following the previous three teasers, V.O.S (Voice Of Soul) has finally released the MV for their new song “Someday,” featuring ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik, on March 11th.

The music video for “Someday” is about a person, portrayed by Hyungsik, who wishes to be with his love again. He goes to an abandoned cafe, revealed to be their special place, and reminisces about the days when they were together. As night draws near, Hyungsik catches the cafe door closing, as if Hyungsik’s love came but left abruptly.

The music video ends with Hyungsik exiting out of the cafe and a yellow flower petal drops in his hand, symbolizing that he still longs for his love to come back, someday, somewhere. Hyungsik’s great acting skills are shown throughout the music video, as seen in the previous teasers.

The unveiling of the music video followed the release of three separate teasers. The first teaser was released on the 3rd, followed by a second teaser released on the 6th, and the third one on the 9th. Upon the release of the music video, Hyungsik tweeted, “Appeared in the music video, ‘Someday’!

The track features V.O.S members Choi Hyun Joon and Kim Kyung Rok singing with powerful and heart-wrenching vocals, balanced with soft and delicate tones, making this song a very emotional ballad about lost love.

Catch the full music video and song below!