SHINee asks for “Your Number” in new dance video

After teasing fans with a short music video teaser, SHINee treated them to a dance video for the new Japanese track, “Your Number,” on March 11th! 

Fans expressed their excitement for SHINee’s newest Japanese track when the SM Entertainment male group revealed a short video teaser for the PV. But while the full music video for the track has not been released yet, fans can start practicing the choreography for the track through the dance video!

Despite wearing black three-piece suits, the five member group performs the choreography for the song rather effortlessly, showing off their smooth dance moves and impeccable synchronization. The group’s slick moves and soulful voices make for a light and flirty track that will definitely make all the fangirls swoon.

Fans have already begun expressing their love for the new track, leaving countless comments of support on the video. Make sure to check out SHINee’s dance video for their latest Japanese track below!