17 K-Pop Companies Made Up Over 90% Of All Album Sales In February

The top two companies alone make up 50% of all sales in the month!

Actor Ji Soo Further Accused By Two More Netizens Of School Bullying And Sexual Harassment

More netizens came out to accuse Ji Soo of school bullying.

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A Male Idol Is Gaining Attention For His Beautiful Calligraphy Works … And His Visuals

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Actor Lee Dong Wook Shares His Thoughts On Changes In The Entertainment Industry And More

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Rapper MC Mong Finally Addresses His Military Service Draft Dodging Controversy

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Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo’s Brother Refutes DSP Media’s Explanations Regarding Alleged Bullying Case

He also provided Hyunjoo’s medical report.

TXT Members Each Share Their “One Dream To Build A Better Tomorrow”

The group has such a heartfelt message, and it’s different for everyone!

ARMY Can’t Handle The New Footage of BTS’s V And RM Working Out


Wendy Describes The Struggles Of Living In A Tiny Room Of Red Velvet’s Shared Dorm

Wendy has one of the smallest rooms among the Red Velvet members.

BTS’s Jungkook Makes It Onto “Men’s Health” Magazine’s “10 Best Hand Tattoos For Men”

He’s right above Ariana Grande!

Son Ye Jin Confessed Why She Didn’t Publicly Date Anyone For Over 20 Years

Hyun Bin is her very first public relationship.

SuperM’s Kai And Lucas Exude Peak Chaotic Sibling Energy

The iconic Tom & Jerry duo.

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BTS’s “Record Setting” Jungkook Has Already Broken 21 Records This Year

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15 Of The Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS Getting Wet And Wild In “Run BTS!”

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SHINee Reveals How Impressed They Were With IU Even Before She Debuted

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Here Are These 10 K-Pop Boy Groups’ Most Liked TikTok Video

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