Noel shares behind the scenes clip of album jacket photoshoot

On January 9th, vocal group Noel gave fans an exclusive look behind the scenes of their album jacket photoshoot.

The group recently made a comeback with their powerful ballad track, “Your Voice,” and featured BESTie’s Haeryung in their moving music video.

Now, Noel shares the behind the scenes clips of the creation of their album jackets for their mini-album. The four members are seen dressed in warm winter outfits. Matching the cold winter season, their outfits all take a neutral color with gray, white, and cream colored sweaters.

However, their melancholy expressions are only for the photoshoot. Off camera, the members are seen playing with props, waving youthfully to the camera, and causing each other to burst out in laughter as well. Their professionalism is also seen as they constantly review their own work, standing behind the directors to check the shots that have been taken.

Check out the video here: