Mad Clown releases unseen clips of “Fire” MV ft. Hani

On January 12th, rapper Mad Clown revealed previously unseen clips from the music video for his title track “Fire” featuring the acting of EXID’s Hani and vocals of Mad Soul Child’s Jinsil.

Uploaded onto Starship Entertainment’s official YouTube account, the clips showcase Hani’s sexy, mysterious acting as she plays the role of Mad Clown’s lover in a love-hate relationship.

In these scenes, fans can see the physically intimate yet emotionally distant relationship between Mad Clown and Hani. The two are shown seated together in a leather chair and love seat. She poses in her various outfits while giving off an empowered and alluring expression. Through the props such as a golf club, telephone, and motorcycle, she is able to highlight her unique charm and professionalism. Fans also get the chance to see some of the cuts through the perspective of the camera.

Meanwhile, the two stars showed off their great chemistry with a quick photo backstage of KBS Music Bank. In addition, the rapper’s mini-album Piece of Mine recently achieved an all-kill.

Take a look at the scenes here: