Kim Yoo Jung shares dance version of new song “Happy”

Actress and newly turned singer Kim Yoo Jung has just released a dance version of her newest song “Happy” for fans to enjoy.

The video starts out with a man with braided pigtails and sunglasses standing in the middle of a busy shopping center, who suddenly begins to dance. He is later joined by two young females who stand on both sides of him, but then the trio are joined by a group of  flash-mob dancers, and together they follow in sync to the music.

Onlookers watch the group perform this rather unique dance with amusement in the beginning, but then as the video progresses, it appears that watching people dance has indeed made them quite “Happy.”

Famous child actress Kim Yoo Jung, most widely known for her roles in Moon Embraces the Sun and Golden Rainbow, has recently tried her talents off screen and started a singing career. However recently, she was most recently noticed for earning the daughter role alongside with on screen “father” Sung Dong Il for the upcoming movie Joy.

Check out the music video below!