ARMYs Welcome BTS Home To Korea Following New York Trip

They returned home safely!

BTS’s Autographs Are Now Displayed In Korean Cultural Center New York Gallery

BTS made a surprise visit to Korean Cultural Center New York!

ATEEZ’s Yeosang Showcased His Special Talent, And Jessi’s Response Was Too Much For The Members

Things became chaotic!

People Have Been Calling The Phone Number From “Squid Game” And Here’s What The Actual Owner Of The Number Has To Say

An unfortunate situation.

EXO’s Kai Rocks One Of His Sexiest Stage Outfits In His First YouTube Video And Gets Adorably Shy

He looked amazing even though he was embarrassed!

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10 Extremely Relatable Reaction To ENHYPEN’s Stunning Comeback Looks

#7 is a mood.

Here Is The Hidden Easter Egg In “Squid Game” That Is Going Unnoticed By Everyone

Warning: spoilers inside.

BTS Receive Plaques For Historic Reign Of “Butter” On Billboard Hot 100 From Columbia Records Chairman & CEO

Ron Perry congratulated BTS on their achievement!

F(x)’s Amber Liu And GOT7’s Jackson Wang Prove They Have The Most Iconic Friendship Ever As They Cameo In Each Other’s Music Videos

Six years after he cameoed in her MV, she has returned the favor!

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Is Just As Excited About BTS’s Recent New York Visit As ARMYs Are

Even this famous art museum is an ARMY!

ARMYs Think BTS’s “Jin Hit” Was The Brains Behind The “BTS In The SOOP” Upgrade, And Here’s Why

It’s all down to “JinHit” Entertainment!

EXO’s Kai Thinks He May Have Just Found KWANGYA

KWANGYA doesn’t look so scary after all 😂

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Her Secret To Learning The Korean Language In Record Time

She’s fluent in many languages.

10+ Reactions To BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Money” Exclusive Performance Video That Are Way Too Relatable

She slayed 🔥🔥🔥

BTS And Coldplay Spoil The Upcoming Lyrics Of “My Universe” In Their Own Handwriting

There are never-before-seen lyrics!

Chuseok Selfies Of PNATION’s Youngest Trainee Make Netizens Question Whether The 12-Year-Old Is Appropriate To Debut

He’s the same age as Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”!

HyunA Specifically Requested To Use A Plastic Horse In The “PING PONG” Music Video, And Here Is The Touching Reason Why

It gained praise from netizens!

Ahgases Are Comparing This Iconic GOT7’s Yugyeom Look To “Squid Game,” And Now We Can’t Unsee It

We never expected to see this similarity.

“BTS In The SOOP” Gets A Major Upgrade For Season 2, And We’re All Freaking Out

Our minds are blown 🤯

Jung Ho Yeon Reveals What Her Reaction Was To Getting The Role Of Kang Sae Byeok In “Squid Game”

“It was unspeakably big.”

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Finding New Ways To Show Off His Bromance With Ryan Reynolds

We can’t get enough of this friendship!

Here Are The Top 2 Hottest Rising Actors In The Industry — According To Netizens

Do y’all agree with their choices?

“Showterview With Jessi” Producer Suddenly Stopped TXT’s Beomgyu After Filming To Give Him An Unexpected Compliment

“There’s an episode behind it.”

Netizens Believe Guests At NCT Doyoung’s Musical Might Be Future SM Entertainment Boy Group Members

Fans might have seen a glimpse of K-Pop’s future!