4MINUTE shows you how to get “Crazy” in new dance practice video

With their newest release “Crazy” doing so well, the girls of 4MINUTE released a dance practice video for the song to help fans learn the choreography.

After winning over half a dozen music awards and topping several music charts, the Cube Entertainment girl group rewarded their fans who have been supporting them and their new song.

As the music video for “Crazy” approaches ten million views and the choreography video having surpassed one million views, it’s quite clear that fans are indeed intrigued in learning the dance.

The dance practice video for “Crazy” features the girls in casual clothing perfect for dancing comfortably. However, the girls didn’t take it easy with the choreography, as they gave all they had into their performance, and also invited their back-up dancers to participate in the video.

Coupled with the choreography video and the original music video, fans will definitely be able to learn the dance for “Crazy”!